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Melody's Pond Curriculum Samples and More

Our Preschool Class

Our Preschool program will allow children to learn to make choices from a wide variety of creative materials within a structure environment. These activities include academics, paint, clay, block, puzzles, dolls, and other toys and learning curriculum where children lend themselves too imaginative and fantasy play. On our playground, climbing structures and tricycles help develop large muscles coordination. A typical day of our preschool class include circle time, art, science, cooking projects, stories, outside play, music time, field-trips,special activity guests, and kindergarten readiness for children getting ready to enter grade school. For many children, this is their first social and academic experience with a group of their peers. Through structure, they learn to handle themselves in a variety of activities where they self-reliance and responsibility, and to gain a sense of self within the larger environment. As for each child, the most important thing they learn at Melody’s Pond is…

"I am a respected talented individual"